You Won’t Believe The All-New 2017 VIZIO SmartCast™ E-Series™ Collection

All Full-Array LED Backlit VIZIO E-Series Models Bring Added Value to Consumers with Large 4K HDR Screen Size Options and Powerful Picture Quality Technologies Like High Dynamic Range

VIZIO, Inc. recently unveiled its all-new 2017 VIZIO SmartCast E-Series collection.  Ranging from 32” – 80” class sizes, finding a TV screen size for your room should be no problem . Most noteworthy, the new E-Series is highlighted by 4K Ultra HD High Dynamic Range models for screen sizes of the 55”and above.  The collection includes Full HD as well as 4K Ultra HD models.

All E-Series models feature Chromecast built-in, probably the easiest way for viewers to stream apps they know and love.  Is watching fast action sports on your TV a favorite pass time? The new 75” and 80” class size XXL 4K HDR big screens also boast picture quality technologies like High Dynamic Range with HDR10 content support.

The VIZIO SmartCast E-Series collection ranges in price from $209.99 for the 32”, to $3,399.99 for the 80” size.  Both the 75” and 80” models are available now at, with the rest of the collection available on the website in the near term.  The entire collection is coming soon to retailers nationwide including Best Buy, Costco, Walmart and Sam’s Club.

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Vizio E-Series Delivers Uncompromised Value

The VIZIO SmartCast E-Series collection is known for bringing uncompromised value to consumers.  With advanced picture quality technologies like High Dynamic Range with HDR10 content support on the 55” class size and above, the E-Series is one of the most feature-rich entry-level options available to consumers.

Unlike edge-lit LED backlight displays, VIZIO utilizes a powerful Full-Array LED backlight.  With up to 16 Active LED Zones® that dynamically adjust to on-screen content. As a result, producing dark, inky black levels much richer than edge-lit LED backlight displays can deliver. High Dynamic Range with HDR10 content support further enhances big screen viewing by offering greater depth and more vibrant contrast.

E-Series HDR10 Content Support

Like watching the latest Blu-ray movie releases on your HDTV? HDR10 enables compatibility with HDR Blu-ray players from Samsung (UHD-K8500) and Philips (BDP7501/F7).

Our E-Series collection is known for offering features that simply aren’t found on other entry-level models in the market, and the new 2017 E-Series collection is no different. With the addition of 75” and 80” class screen sizes to the line-up, value-minded shoppers who want to go big now have access to powerful picture quality in an XXL screen. High Dynamic Range with HDR10 content support provides another reason to upgrade by allowing consumers to get the most out of their HDR Blu-Ray players and game consoles.

Matt McRae, Chief Technology Officer, VIZIO

Dig playing video games on your TV? HDR10 enjoys PS4 and Xbox One S game console compatibility as well. Clear Action 240 technology and ultra-fast 120Hz Effective Refresh Rate, achieved with backlight scanning, ensures action-packed scenes are consistently smooth, stable and realistic.

The VIZIO SmartCast App Collection

Vizio SmartCast E-Series App

Vizio SmartCast E-Series App Download

Like every display, sound bar and speaker in the VIZIO SmartCast collection, the all-new E-Series displays allow users to simply stream and control their entertainment. With Chromecast built-in, consumers can simply tap the Cast button in popular Chromecast enabled apps like Netflix and YouTube to stream their entertainment to the big screen.

By downloading the VIZIO SmartCast app, users can control their display from any room in the home. Simply search for content across multiple apps at once.  Stream shows directly to their E-Series display through the Google Assistant on devices like Google Home.

To further simplify the out-of-box experience, included with all E-Series models is an all-new remote. Consequently, he new remote seamlessly allow users to complete the first-time set-up of their display without a phone or tablet.  Once set-up is complete, the remote continues to provide access to the on-screen menu, sidebar settings and more.

VIZIO SmartCast E-Series Cost

VIZIO SmartCast E-Series Model MSRP
32” Full-Array LED Smart TV E32f-E1 $209.99
43” Ultra HD Home Theater Display E43-E2 $399.99
50” Ultra HD Home Theater Display E50-E1 $469.99
55” Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display E55-E2 $549.99
60” Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display E60-E3 $749.99
65” Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display E65-E0 $899.99
70” Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display E70-E3 $1,299.99
75” Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display E75-E3 $1,999.99
80” Ultra HD HDR Home Theater Display E80-E3 $3,399.99

VIZIO SmartCast E-Series collection

The VIZIO SmartCast E-Series TV collection

Want To Know More About VIZIO

Through their connected entertainment platform, VIZIO is transforming the way consumers discover and experience media content. VIZIO’s mission is to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience through a community of connected consumers, advertisers, and media content providers.

Since their founding in California in 2002, VIZIO has built an industry-leading brand.  While selling over 75 million products, including televisions, sound bars and other devices. VIZIO is a leading HDTV brand in America and the #1 sound bar brand in America.

VIZIO product leadership is highlighted by a number of industry reviews and awards. Making the 2016 collection the most awarded in company history. Most notably, the VIZIO SmartCast P-Series, M-Series and E-Series Home Theater Displays all received Editor’s Choice awards. Also, all are listed as CNET’s “Best TVs of 2016.” 

CNET rewarded the VIZIO M-Series SmartCast Home Theater Display with an Editor’s Choice award and an 8.8 rating. In addition, awarded VIZIO’s SmartCast 65” 4K E-Series Home Theater Display  a “Best TV of the Year” award for 2016.

Also, the VIZIO D-Series earned a 2016 Editor’s Choice award from PC Magazine. Finally, for more information on the VIZIO Smart TV E-Series collection or VIZIO SmartCast, please call 888-VIZIOCE or visit

Be sure and return to and look for our complete VIZIO E-Series review in the near future.

Hi, I’m David Clark, founder of and you could say televisions are not only a personal passion but a career. My mission is to educate consumers and help each find the perfect HDTV and TV accessory, at the best price, for their personal viewing preference.

  1. I bought a Vizio M65-D0 at the beginning of the month. I purchased it because of reading the Cnet review. First I hated the tablet/remote. Next I was disappointed that I could not get Amazon Prime. I watched a few Netflix documentary in 4k and the picture quality was great. I watch mostly regular network broadcast programs. They were usually in 1080i and sometimes 720p. I played with all of the settings and did not really get great pictures in my opinion. Watching baseball was pathetic. It was in 720P. After 2 weeks I returned it for a refund. I now watch baseball on my 10 year old non-smart Vizio 47″ TV. The picture quality is great compared to the Vizio 4k 65″. I wish I could buy a 65″ 1080 TV, but the local stores don’t have any left in stock. My opinion is that 4k TV’s are great if you watch 4k content.

    • Joe I’m sorry to hear about your troubles buying a 4K TV. Your experience is common when buying a 4K HDTV for sports. I point out in our “best TV for watching sports guide” that there are very little sports programming being broadcast in 4K currently. That will change in the future, we are just not sure how quickly.

      As you experience with Netflix, there is more and more 4K TV and movie programming. If you primarily use your HDTV for watching movies and TV, a 4K is a good option. You will still need to watch movies with a Blu-ray player or stream 4K content online to enjoy the full benefits.

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