LG Smart TV Now With Apple Music App

Starting today, LG customers around the world will be able to enjoy Apple Music on their LG smart TVs

Available now in the LG Content Store, the Apple Music app offers subscribers access to over 90 million tracks ad-free, over 30000 expertly curated playlists, music videos streamed in 4K, and Apple Music Radio live streaming the best of today’s hits and classic songs. Apple Music on LG smart TVs includes millions of tracks with synchronized lyrics, making them perfect for living room singalongs or parties. Subscribers can access all the songs, albums, and playlists from the music library on their LG Smart TV.

The Apple Music app has been added to newer LG Smart TVs
Millions of tracks with Apple Music on LG smart TVs

With LG Smart TVs, Apple Music fans will enjoy the seamless Apple music experience they currently experience across their devices such as iPhone and iPad, Mac, Homepod mini, PC, and android, but with the visual immersion that LG TVs can deliver Owners of LG Smart TVs can download Apple Music from the LG Content Store, sign in using their Apple ID, and begin a free 3 month trial period right from their TVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Apple TV app is available on what models?

The Apple Music app is now available for all models running webOS 4.0 and higher, which should cover most sets manufactured in the past 3–4 years.

How Can I Check for Apple Music?

You can check your TV by simply searching for “Apple Music” in the LG Content Store. You can also go to LG’s Apple Music app page and sign in with your account in the “Device Compatibility” section.

I cannot locate the Apple TV App on my television, can you tell me where it is located?

For most applicable models, it can be located on the launcher bar. If it’s not visible on the launcher bar, please visit the LG Content Store.

I have an older model LG TV,  what if my model is not compatible?

Although the app is not available on all TVs, there are other options that will allow you to stream Apple TV on your LG TV. Apple TV can be streamed on LG compatible devices such as Roku, Amazon Firestick, iPhones, etc. You can find a complete list of compatible devices here.

Why is it not compatible with older models?

Newer apps often require the benefit from new technology that isn’t available on older devices.

How much is the Apple TV+ subscription?

Apple TV+ is $4.99 a month.

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