New Samsung’s Quantum Dot SUHD TV Social Campaign

Transports You to Places You Have Dreamed of

The worldwide leading TV brand for ten years running, Samsung Electronics announced today that it will expand its THIS IS TV brand campaign to social media. Aiming to connect consumers with the world through the true-to-life picture quality of Samsung Quantum dot SUHD TVs, the initiative will consist of an online contest and a series of offline events in key cities.

Using hashtags #TVTransports and #ThisIsTV, consumers can leverage Samsung SUHD TVs and their ability to transport consumers to the places they dream to visit.

“By expanding ‘THIS IS TV’ to social media, we hope to share the value of Samsung Quantum dot SUHD TV with more consumers, provide them with once-in-a-lifetime experiences in real-time”, said Moon Soo Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.

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Bringing Unexpected Destinations to Consumers in Real-time

Earlier this year, Samsung kicked off its ‘THIS IS TV’ brand campaign starting with a series of videos highlighting the value of Samsung Quantum dot SUHD TVs through its features. Now, Samsung will kick-off a social campaign starting with offline events in key markets around the world.

Beginning with Jakarta, these activations will gradually expand to other markets including Singapore, Berlin, Sydney and Milan. The mission is to provide consumers with the opportunity to physically experience the value of Samsung’s latest technology.

To raise awareness about the ‘THIS IS TV’ social campaign, Samsung will install experience zones in unexpected places. As if they were actually transported, these pop-up experience zones will take unsuspecting attendees to exotic destinations via realistic, true-to-life screens of Samsung’s Quantum dot SUHD TVs.

Samsung has been working to strengthen TVs role as a platform that connects people and brings them together to enhance their everyday lives. Samsung will continue to deliver the true value of Samsung SUHD TV through various ways and stories.

Moon Soo Kim, Executive Vice President of Samsung's Visual Display Business

Moments from the surprise events, as well the reaction of those who took part, will be posted on Samsung participating social media channels. The attendees will have the opportunity to share the experience and invite their friends to take part in the ‘THIS IS TV’ social media campaign.

Transporting Consumers to Dream Destinations

Samsung will run social media contests across Facebook and Instagram. This will provide consumers with the opportunity to learn more about the true values of Samsung Quantum dot SUHD TV, and offer more chances to participate in the campaign.

Participants will be invited to share the dream destinations they want to experience with Samsung Quantum dot SUHD TV. Consumers take part by creating unique images which creatively express their dream destination and then sharing them with the hashtags #ThisIsTV and #TVTransports on their personal social channels.

Each week, winners will be awarded various prizes, such as travel vouchers and/or Samsung Quantum dot SUHD TVs. Each market will run the contest for a number of weeks, and each market will reward a number of prizes.

For more information on the ‘THIS IS TV’ Social Campaign, please visit the Samsung Instagram and Facebook pages in your market.

About Samsung’s Social Media

Samsung Electronics has built strong presence on extensive social media platforms, especially emerging platforms such as Instagram, to engage with millennials and younger generations around the globe. Samsung, as a leading social media marketer with a well-established global social strategy reaches more than 200 million global social media fans across their social media.

About Samsung’s ‘This Is TV’ Campaign

Earlier this year, as part of the larger ‘THIS IS TV’ campaign, Samsung unveiled a brand campaign where it showed how the world can connect through the stunning visual display of a Quantum dot SUHD television.

More recently, the campaign released three additional videos highlighting the picture quality, design and smart functionality of the 2016 products. Each video serves as a short film that brings to life the benefits of Samsung’s latest advances in 4K TV.

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