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QLED vs UHD TV: What’s The Big Difference?

Is it time to upgrade your TV? Shopping for a new TV can be daunting. Technology and terminology can be very confusing. Fear not, we are here to help! We put together this helpful guide to get you up to speed on QLED vs UHD TV technology. If you're researching TVs to buy, you've probably ...

OLED vs 4K: Explained and Compared

You've finally decided to upgrade or buy a new Ultra HD TV. The picture quality of your old TV just doesn't cut it anymore. You want the beautiful image resolution the new televisions deliver when viewing your favorite movies on your preferred streaming services. The new 2022 OLED, QLED, 4K ...

HDTV Glossary

Much information on HDTVs are rather technical. Unless you are familiar with the technology, many terms can be hard to understand. Our glossary provides the definition of basic terms you will probably encounter when researching and shopping for a new HDTV. 60Hz/120Hz/240Hz/480Hz These are related ...

Curved TV: A Brief History of Curved Screen Technology

Mama Where Did Curved TVs Come From? Have you ever seen new technology and thought "How in the world did they do that" or "what will they think of next"? A lot of people are saying this when seeing the 'new' curved screen technology on modern TVs. What's So Special About A Curved TV? ...